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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Suwanee, GA

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Suwanee, GAAre you ready to restore your wood floors to their formal glory? When you need wood floor refinishing Suwanee, GA — look to Bro’s Flooring Plus to get your free estimates. We’re committed to quality and customer satisfaction. Whether refinishing solid wood flooring or engineered wood floors in the Suwanee, GA area… Bro’s Flooring Plus is your go-to for refinishing wood floors.

Our wood flooring professionals specialize in wood floor refinishing, sanding hardwood floors, staining wood flooring, screen and re-coating hardwood flooring, buff hardwood floors, polish hardwood floors, and more. When you want to rejuvenate your wood flooring with our professionals wood floor refinishing Suwanee, GA services, contact us.

Wood Floor Refinishing – Full Restore!

Wood Floor Refinishers Suwanee, GeorgiaIs your hardwood flooring lacking luster? Scratched and worn looking? Don’t worry, you can have your wood floor restored to look brand new once again with our wood floor refinishing services in Suwanee, GA.

A full Suwanee wood floor refinishing job will take three to seven days to complete and you should make arraignments to leave your home through the duration of the project. Keep in mind, when refinishing, if a stain was used, your wood floors will look different because the stain is removed and a paper thin layer of the wood. If you want a stain re-applied, take a look at some stains or ask your chosen hardwood floor refinisher Suwanee, GA to match the color you have if possible.

Screen & Re-Coat Suwanee, GA

Screen and Recoating Suwanee, GAIf your hardwood floor is in good condition without any deep gouges and the finish is not completely worn– you may be able to get away with lightly sanding the existing finish (a process called screening) and then apply the new finish (polyurethane) right over the top. This is sometimes called a “screen and re-coat” or a “screen and poly” job.

Since a screen and recoat job does not remove any wood from the floor, it can be done limitless times. It’s a good maintenance plan to keep your floors looking great for generations to come! For screen and recoating wood floors Suwanee, GA — please call 1-855-649-4657.

Suwanee Wood Floor Refinishing Cost

Wood Floor Refinishing Suwanee, GeorgiaThere is no simple per square foot cost to estimate your wood floor refinishing Suwanee, GA project. The costs can vary significantly with common options.

Many homes fall within the range of $4.00 to $5.50 per square foot cost to refinish wood flooring in Suwanee, GA. However, with less options, you may pay as low as $2 per square foot. The best way to get a cost estimate for wood floor refinishing Suwanee, Georgia is to get in touch with a local flooring specialist and schedule a free in-home estimate.

What will factor into the cost of Suwanee wood floor refinishing will be: square footage, location, condition of the floor, color (stain), materials, stairs and any additional services. Contact Bro’s Flooring Plus for free estimates for your hardwood floor refinishing Suwanee, GA project.

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